KAFFA coffee syrup

Here, I introduce you POMONA, FORTE and KAFFA the brands of KAFFA INT.

Tasty combination of 3continents. The new standard of espresso coffee. 쏤orte uses in music originally means 쏱owerfully or 쏶trongly in Italian. This is the typical coffee brand of KAFFA INT which reminds espresso extracted under strong pressure. The two coffee trees in Forte BI indicate knowhow of Forte who always select the excellent quality coffee beans for tasty coffee. Besides, it symbolizes pureness considering best for original intension and natural friendly mind. Forte is supplied to major food franchises and caf챕 with its well-known high quality and reasonable price. Forte coffee is enhancing its brand power through active and dynamic marketing and planning to launch various kinds of better quality products

The smart choice for syrup, sauce and powder. Pomona is the fairy of gardening and fruiting in the Greek myths. Pomona is told that she was only concentrated on gardening and fruiting in spite of courtship from many other gods. KAFFA created its BI as a POMONA for syrup, sauce, smoothie and powder and do our best for freshness and sweetness of coffee supplies just like the fairy Pomona.

Whipping gas, Top market share in Korea. Equipments popular with it셲 safety. KAFFA means 쏱ower in Arabian also the location name of Ethiopia where wild coffee trees are grown up. 쁊AFFA had started to be well-known and distributed as a 쁂offee all over the world. So, we can say 쁊AFFA is the origin word of offee. KAFFA a brand of KAFFA INT. and also our brand of coffee equipments symbolizes directivity for all the coffee supplies categories and legitimacy as a coffee company.